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Dropshipping Pro Volume Lash Lifting Perming Kit For Eyelash Extension Kit SET


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Imagine waking up to perfectly curled lashes everyday without the need to constantly maintain them.

This EyeLash Lifting Kit using silicon pads to perm your lashes instead of a traditional roller. They’re easier to work with and make less of a mess.

This Professional Lash Lifting Kit is everything you need to ALWAYS have beautiful curled lashes without needing a curler, eye lash extensions, or mascara.


  • 100% brand new and high quality. 7 Pcs Eyelash Lifting Set
  • Eyelash perm is fast, efficient, hygienic and durable. Use it to create beautiful wavy eyelashes without eyelash curler.
  • Give your eyes seductive brilliance and fascinate beautiful wavy eyelashes! Make your eyes bigger and more beautiful.
  • Suitable for professional and private use.
  • We can assure that our products have been tested and certified.
  • Our eyelash lifting set contains gentle ingredient, however, it is always advisable to carry out an allergy test 24 hours in advance.

Product Descriptions

1. Perm Dose / # 1 Perm (white): It makes your eyelashes natural and curly.
2. Fixing Dose / # 2 Fixation (cream blue): Hold your curly eyelashes in position for about three months.
3. Nutrition Dose / # 3 Nutrition (yellow): repairs, protects and moisturizes the eyelashes.
4. Cleanser / # 4 Cleanser (transparent): to remove adhesive residue.
5. Silicone pads (5 pairs): fixed eyelashes.
6. Eyelash glue: good viscosity, washable, easy to use.

1. Use the cleanser to clean off the oil, dust, and makeup residue.
2. Apply the eye pads on the under eyelids to protect our skin from the perm lotion.
3. Put the lift-pads on the eyelash, then apply the glue on the eyelash to keep it stick on the pads.
4. Use the glue setting the eyelash on the lift-pads about I minutes.
5. Use the #1 perm lotion (white color) on the eyelash and then cover the plastic film about 8-12 minutes.
6. Use the #2 fixing agent (blue color) on the eyelash and then cove the plastic film about 8-12 minutes.
7. Clean the eyelash lift-pads, then use the #3 nutrition lotion (yellow color) to nourish eyelash.
8. Use the #4 cleaning (white transparent color) to clean off all the perm residue.

Package including:
1.#1 Perm x 1
2.#2 Fixation x 1
3.#3 Nutrition x 1
4.#4 Cleanser x 1
5.False lashes glue x 1
6.Clean tool (clean off the residue) x 1
7.Lift pads (S/M/M1/M2/L size) x 5 pairs

1. Do not mix with the cotton swab for the different liquids.
2. For the best effect, no facial steam care in 3 days after curing.
3. Avoid contact with the eyes. If something gets in the eye and skin, please rinse with plenty of water.
4. Please keep this product out of the reach of children.
5. Avoid direct sunlight and store this product in a cool place.


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