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Dropshipping 4PCS Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush Standard Handle Soft bristles for Family Travel Adult and Child Tooth Brush Set


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– Good for your family. Bristles are perfect for good clean feel for your teeth yet easy on the gums. The handle is comfortable for adults and kids

– Good for the environment. No plastic parts! Handles are completely biodegradable and the bristles are made of nylon that can be pulled out and discarded where they will also eventually break down safely. Even the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable.

– Brushes should be replaced regularly (every month or two) or after any illness. For a family of 4 this is one brush each.

– You will feel good knowing you are taking action to keep your family and environment safe.

– Handles can be repurposed as garden markers or craft items, etc.





Material:  Bamboo

Lenth: 19CM

Color:  Blue and Pink


• Bamboo Handle:

The ergonomic, shaped handle fits the hand perfectly thereby allowing for great handling of the brush.

• Bristles:

Our bamboo infused Soft bristles clean extremely well and hold up. When you have reached the end of your toothbrush’s life cycle (generally 2-3 months), remove the bristles with a pliers and recycle them. The rest is compostable, biodegradable.

• Function over Form:

Deep Cleaning Toothbrush — Form doesn’t mean much without function. Our formed brush fits the hand well and the bristles give a deep clean, in turn providing uniquely high-end functionality.

• Design:

Simple Designs. We strive to keep it clean. HailiCare works to produce products which take advantage of the many forms that the environmentally friendly fiber — bamboo — offers us.

• Eco-Friendly:

Bamboo is natures fiber. We hear this all the time, but it’s true. Bamboo is technically a grass fiber. As such, it grows fast –very fast. This makes bamboo an ideal – sustainable – material for making our toothbrush.



Use after every meal for best results and brighter smiles! It is generally best to replace used toothbrushes once per month or after any illness.


Color-Coded Family Pack:


– Each box contains 1 individually wrapped and boxed toothbrush.

– Four toothbrushes in the two different levels, different colors for easy identification by family members.



Packaging included: 4 PCS Round Handle Toothbrushes (Color-Coded Family Pack)


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