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Don’t worry, our support team will help you

How do I make a purchase order?

We support websites (lowmoq.com), AliExpress, oberlo, paypal transactions, you can choose the trading method you trust.

Can you provide discounts/rebates for bulk purchases?

We recalculate (discount) the bulk order pair because of the reduction in shipping costs.

Which payment methods do you accept? Be cautious of untraceable while services.

We support credit cards, paypal.

Do you have a minimum order (MOQ)?

We do not have MOQ requirements, we support customized products, the MOQ of customized products is 500.

Can you provide product samples prior to purchase?

We will guarantee that the quality of the original product is the same, so we do not provide samples, you can buy it as you buy.

What price can you offer if I order [this many] units?

If a package has more than one product, we can discount it.

What happens if there are product defects?

We are responsible for damaged, poor quality products.

How long will I have to wait when you’re out of stock?

We have a complete supply chain, and if there is no stock, we can replenish it within 5 days.

Can you provide high-quality product photos?

We provide high quality images for all products, and some products provide video.

Do you offer ePacket shipping?

We use ePacket to transport by default because it is cheap and fast. For some countries or products (liquid or sensitive) we recommend DHL.

Do you ship internationally (or to your country specifically)?

We transport all over the world, and the United States, the European Union has overseas warehouses, can achieve localized transportation, only 3-7 working days.

Do you include your company’s branding on the packaging ?

There are only products and instructions in our package (no logos and promotions).

Who pays for customs fees?

Our orders are shipped in international parcels and can avoid customs fees. We will take this part if we need to pay customs fees.

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