4 Tips to become a Successful Dropshipping Entrepreneur

Can dropshipping benefit you?

About 84% of online sellers believe that opting dropshipping as an online money making source is the #1 step towards the road to success. The Dropshipping success rate is calculated to be 20% more than an ordinary online store owner as compared to a successful dropshipping entrepreneur.

When today, online marketing is at the boom. You must not sit behind your screens surfing uselessly. Rather, it is highly advisable to adopt such measure which helps you grow 360 degrees. Dropshipping business idea is tested and trusted by more than 33% of entrepreneurs online.

successful dropshipping entrepreneur

The image above very effectively portrays the profit achieved by dropshipping.

The flow of a successful dropshipping entrepreneur can be explained as-

The dropshipper finds the most profitable dropshipping niche from the giant MarketPlace- AliExpress for 35$ and copies it.

Furthermore, a successful dropshippping entrepreneur leverages the opportunity by pasting the particular niche on to a different marketplace(i.e. eBay) for 50$.

Customer purchases the product using any payment method- Stripe/PayPal to be specific.

Next, the dropshipper takes the money from PayPal and hands it to AliExpress i.e. 35$.

Lastly, the dropshipper is seen with a benefit of 10$ after all the commission charged by PayPal and any other sources.

The flow diagram above successfully explains the success mantra for a successful dropshipping entrepreneur. However, this profit gets doubled after including the beneficial feature of ReList which is explained below in detail.

Tips covered to be a successful dropshipping entrepreneur-

1. Take Risks. Challenge yourself- Create your own online website
2. Have a vision. Stay persistent- Exceed expectations
3. Know your Prospects. Spend wisely- Follow “Deliver” concept
4. Take the reviews seriously. Stay Motivated- [DROPSHIP + RELIST]

The dropshipping success rate has no stoppage and no hands in restricting you bag the title of a successful dropshipping entrepreneur. Rather, there are millions of successful dropshipping websites today. Start with any of them that you find highly compelling.

Look for AliExpress dropshipping solutions, Shopify dropshipping business plans and so on- the list for dropshippng solutions making a successful dropshipping entrepreneur is really long.

Another list of dropshipping success rate for successful dropshipping entrepreneurcan be summarized as-

i. Being a successful dropshipping entrepreneur does not demand you to risk your money, tied in stock.

ii. You are not required to pay for all the storage and associated bills as a successful dropshipping entrepreneur.

iii. A successful dropshipping entrepreneur does not need to worry about thepayment of warehouses, equipment or staff.

iv. Being a successful dropshipping entrepreneur saves you from buying order in bulk. Hence, saving you from maintaining and updating the stock every now and then.

These points above must be sounding lucrative for you. If you are planning to be a successful dropshipping entrepreneur or are looking out for some effective business styles to make money online.

Then, preferably dropshipping brings the best of the opportunities to you. However, not to deny the fact that all these dropshipping success rate was never possible without INTERNET.

The advent of Internet- Become a successful dropshipping entrepreneur

Internet usage is said to “DOUBLE” in the year 2021. Surveys report that every largest selling online store sells at least one product every minute.

Internet plays a very eminent role in bringing up the successful dropshipping entrepreneurs all across the globe.

successful dropshipping entrepreneur

With every passing year, dropshipping is getting more into a trend. Thanks to the advent of the internet, which proves to be of immense help and so has online entrepreneurship managed to set up more than  $1.2 trillion industry on the globe. Cisco explains it in a much nicer way through their graphical representation of internet usage.

For Rome was not built in a day and so do the successful entrepreneur stories take time in coming up.

Dropshipping can be categorized as a business style that demands only a little bit time of yours. Let us quickly go through major tips for a successful dropshipping entrepreneur:

  1. 1. Take Risks. Challenge yourself- Create your own online website

A very prominent personality once said, “Don’t worry about failures, for you only have to be right once.” It is a great idea to adopt new measures and let all the new opportunities come your way.

However, taking risks does not demand you to block all your upcoming opportunities. Instead, a successful dropshipping entrepreneur must be updated with all the dropshipping profitable niches.

The next very prominent thing is to accept challenges. Challenges make you a stronger entrepreneur. Every successful dropshipping entrepreneur has had the experience of the toughest challenges in every dropshipping business idea. One of the major dropshipping tips includes “acceptance of challenges”.

Now, when you have made up your mind and are ready to gain benefits through most profitable dropshipping products. The only thing that’s left behind is “setting up of an online website”.

One of the highly advisable dropshipping tips before setting up a website is to ensure that your website deals straight with your point of concern, it directly leads you towards the prime step of a successful dropshipping entrepreneur.

Make the website user-friendly. However, if you are a budding entrepreneur, you must look for other dropshipping business ideas. Keep a track on all the happenings of highly sophisticated dropshipping websites.

Creating your own online website demands for high attention, look for the designs used. See if the right colors are picked. When you are done with everything, dropshipping success rate depends on the factors if your website covers all the important points.

Important points cover sections as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), services offered by you. Compatibility of your dropshipping store with frameworks such as Magento, WooCommerce etc.

2. Have a vision. Stay persistent- Exceed expectations

Another dropshipping tip in order to get within reach of a large mass is to have a vision. A clear vision is as mandatory as “air is to breathe”. You must know the end results you are seeking for. It is always preferred to go on a planned trip and look for all the paths beforehand.

successfl dropshipping entrepreneur

“Leadership is the capability to translate vision into reality”.

Along with a visionary move, staying persistent counts too. A successful dropshipping entrepreneur must be persistent. You cannot sit relaxed after updating your dropshipping store with few of most trending niches. The reason being the list of all the profitable dropshipping niches keeps changing time and again.

People often look for more than promised and if you succeed in meeting the high expectations of your prospects. You would be amazed to see the sudden transformations in driving huge traffic to your website.

The very famous line says, “expecting too much may kill your desires”. But, Hey! No one has stopped you from fulfilling your Prospects expectations. So go on and fulfill all their probable needs  also, carry the high badge of successful dropshipping entrepreneur proudly.

3. Know your Prospects. Spend wisely- Follow “Deliver” concept

How well do you know your prospects and their needs? Is all your effort being grasped by them in a successful way? A win-win situation for a successful dropshipping entrepreneur demands you to have a complete knowledge about your prospects, including their area of interests, their occupation, earnings and a lot more.

A brief about your prospect is a must in order to achieve a successful dropshipping website.

What are the probable steps you can opt for in order to know your prospects more?

Come up with Google Forms, analyze your prospect’s persona through online forums. Once you are done with the buyer persona of your prospects. You must plan out an agenda mentioning the total cost to be spent.

Do not spend your capital on anything that fascinates you or is eye-catching. Rather, look for the profitable dropshipping niches and get only the trending niches into your store.

A very effective marketing strategy, for a successful dropshipping entrepreneur would be to come up with the concept of “Deliver, don’t sell”.  

successful dropshipping entrepreneur

Image Source: Neil Patel

One of the effective strategies to hold your customers for long is to boost their morale. Wonder how impressive it would be to deliver the product directly to their doorsteps. Offer them free trial sessions. Studies show that free products tend to increase the conversion rate by a large means and helps you become a successful dropshipping entrepreneur.

4. Take the reviews seriously. Stay Motivated- [DROPSHIP + RELIST]

NEVER should one ignore the reviews put forth by their customers. Remember, Your customers can either make or break your businesses. Reviews help you maintain the transparency among the visitors and builds their confidence.

successful dropshipping entrepreneur

Motivation is the key to successful entrepreneurship. Number of Startups emerge throughout the globe out of which nearly 50% of them fail. The factors for their failures include many, such as not choosing the right industry, losing consistency etc.

More than 25% Startups see a major failure within the first year. Data shows that about 50% startups manage to survive by the end of the second year.

One of the successful dropshipping websites demands you to stay highly motivated and adopt the measures of dropshipping and relist.

However, you leverage the benefit of relisting your products. That is, selling your products to other online stores once it gets imported from AliExpress at a price of your choice.

Risks. Challenges. Persistence. Motivation. Follow these effective tips and increase your dropshipping success rate. These are few of the must follow for a successful dropshipping entrepreneur. Kick start dropshipping business right away with $0investment.